Costs of New Rule
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Additional costs to EV programs, using modest average of 250 EVs per sponsor:
1.  Cost of Management audit = minimum $20,000 - estimate is too low in proposal
p. 48178-1st column,
fourth highlight
2.  Cost of tracking down J-2 dependent work permits, obtaining data, additional staff
hours to input
=$26 per EV  X  250 average EVs per sponsor = $6500
p. 48187-top of 1st
3.  Cost of monitoring visits - Ok with larger orgs like CHF, but not every sponsor.  
Could contribute to smaller programs closing down.  New sponsor fee of $1,748
installed only two years ago and now payable every two years could finance some
travel expenses for smaller or more remote sponsor organizations.  Airfares have
gone up and flight schedules reduced since economic downturn.  Larger sponsors
can support travel expenses.  Site visits to sponsors, old and new, should be
.  Problem with no commitment to amount waiting for user study.
p. 48178-top of
middle column
4.  Dun and Bradstreet cost = $65 per entity - could cost some sponsors thousands of
dollars every year for host family & third party reports.
~$65 X 20 average entities = $1,300
p48179-bottom of 1st
5.  Additional cost for raising health insurance minimum from $50,000 to $200,000 per
incident.  50% of CHF teachers go back to their home countries anyway if they have a
serious health problem - even for dental work.  Costs less for plane fare than to pay
US medical fees.  In France and Greece, medical care is completely free.  = $100 X
p.48189-1st column
Cost of travel and administrative time necessary to eliminate obsolete sections of this
rule which was actually was not completely updated to reflect future SEVIS II
(Staff administrative time + travel - average)  (~$2,000 - $3,000)
7.  Criminal background check.  This cost is currently reasonable and warranted
although we don't know how much the cost of background checks will rise after
thousands more will be required.  = $50 x 3
1,500 sponsors multipled by the number of all alternate responsible officers ~ 4,500
p. 48177, middle
TOTAL Additional Program Costs per year